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How do you identify which solution is best for YOU?

Our finance products are bespoke and arranged on an individual basis and we can help you understand which option is available to meet your current needs and circumstances, with facilities including:

Operating lease

A-lease where you pay rentals for usage over a fixed period. The funder will have a residual value invested in the lease. The asset is treated as off balance sheet for the lessee and rentals paid are generally fully tax deductible. Various options are available at the end of the lease term.

Structured lease

A lease structured to deliver specific tax or target rental objectives for the lessee


The borrower initially receives an amount of money from the lender which is paid back in regular instalments. A charge may be taken over the asset as security.

Lease purchase

An agreement whereby the hirer has the right to use and derive economic benefit from the assets but where the lender retains ownership of the goods until the final payment is made. Payment structures resemble a finance lease and may include a balloon payment at the end.

Hire purchase

An agreement to hire with an option to purchase at the end. Usually a deposit is paid and the balance is repaid over a fixed term.

Structured hire purchase

An agreement to hire with an option to purchase and flexibility on payment terms, i.e. seasonal or accelerated payments Invoice discounting and factoring
. More flexible and confidential alternative to traditional banking facilities such as overdraft and it removes the need to renegotiate limits as funding levels grow with you as your business grows.

Renegotiate Banking Facilities

We can provide consultation and support in setting up or changing packaged facilities to either refinance an existing business for the purpose of expansion, MBO or similar or indeed to set up a new business.

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